Padlock and U Lock High Security for Bikes 145 x 277 mm

Now you can buy the best padlock u-Lock we have developed with the highest level of security to protect your bike from theft.


U-Lock padlock hardened with a diameter of 14mm and a steel diameter of 12mm.

U-Lock padlock that withstands shear and lever attacks providing greater protection to torsion, shock and theft.

It has been designed with a hardened double lock on its end and very easy to use for right-handed and left-handed people.

With durable PVC cover that protects the bowler, reduces noise during transport in the rack, resists corrosion of water, dust and dirt, allowing to maintain the use of the padlock for a long time.

It is a padlock very used for the safety of mountain bikes, electric bicycles, motorcycles and even segways.

It includes 2 keys, one that you can use every day and the other you can leave at home as security to loss.

It adapts perfectly to our Codex-U luggage rack that allows you to carry your hidden lock with you always on the city tours and prevent you from stealing your saddlebags on mountain routes.

Weight: 1,350 grams
Color: Black
Home delivery in 48 / 72 hours


This month of April, with the purchase of 2 locks, its transportation is free.


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