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Are you one of those who use the bike every day? Are you going to work on a bicycle? Don\'t you know where to take the lock? Do you do bike routes on weekends?  Then you should know Codex-U.

After a great deal of dedication and research, Codex-U has become necessary to combine the concept of safety with functionality in the chain-linked sector. It has managed to patent an invisible, comfortable and practical U-shaped chain system worldwide, besides being one of the safest and most resistant on the market. It is ideal for any type of bicycle structure as it facilitates the transport of packages and saddlebags with a high resistance.

In addition, according to your needs Codex - U offers three models whose structure is fully customizable in different colours thanks to high strength adhesives with different motifs. Want to know more about them?

The Urban model is ideal for the city. It has a suspended overhang with adjustable telescopic straps and the central trunk. It has a maximum capacity of 15 kg and the product weighs 2200 grams.

The Codex-U Off-Road is characterized by being able to support more weights and allow the incorporation of saddlebags thanks to its fixed sides and front plates. It is more voluminous and compact than the previous one, so it can support a maximum capacity of 40 kg.

The Adventure model has variable sides and front sinkers, making height adjustment easier. It allows a maximum capacity of 35 kg and the product weight is 2170 grams.

All three models are perfectly suited to right-handed and left-handed, making it much easier to handle.

There\'s no more padlocking your backpack or knowing where to take your books when you\'re going to school, or even putting your luggage when you\'re going on a weekend route. Codex-U offers you the best luggage rack in the world in the most comfortable, practical and intuitive way possible.

Welcome to the Codex family.