Cycling with apps
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Cycling with apps

At a time when the new technologies are present in all areas of our daily lives, the world of cycling isn’t being left behind. In this blog post we’ll discuss the applications most popular among cyclists on their outings, namely Strava, Wikiloc, Trainerroad, Cyclemaps and My Windsock. You’ll see that they’re all very useful, so let’s begin!

Strava: this is perhaps one of the apps most often used for cycling and other kinds of sports. It’s an app with a very attractive interface, which makes using it simple and intuitive. Strava has a frequently-updated section on cycling and running challenges. The winners are rewarded with free subscriptions and gifts in this section. In addition, in the Segments section you can compare your routes with other users; in other words, if you plan on going on the route from Barcelona to Andorra, the journey and time will be uploaded onto the app, Strava will tell you whether there are more users on the route and what times they’ve completed it in, generating a ranking of the fastest ones. 

  • Wikiloc: with this app you can search for all kinds of cycling and hiking routes. Not only that, but Wikiloc enables you to record routes and compare them with those of other users, giving you details on the difficulty, distance, itinerary, slopes, etc., which you can also record. With over two million users, it’s become one of the most widely-used applications.

    Trainerroad: do you need help on the road? This app lets you download training videos and instructions. The app stores all the user’s data and analyses them to monitor how the training session is going. 

    • Cyclemaps: plan the shortest and safest route. With Cyclemaps you can plan the route with the stops you\'ll need to take and the pace you want to cycle at. In other words, you can decide if you want a route for a gentle ride, sightseeing, roads or mountains.

      My Windsock: maybe we’re cheating a bit, because My Windsock isn’t an app yet. But this platform allows you to find out how the weather conditions are influencing the route in real time and predicts how the user’s performance may be affected.

      So now you know! Maps, personal training, safe routes, competitions for users and weather forecasts; with these applications you’re sure to reach your destination!