The EuroVelo 6
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The EuroVelo 6

Today, carrying on from our last article, we would like to take a closer look at the EuroVelo routes. As we explained in the previous publication, the EuroVelo is a network of cycle tourism routes which runs across the whole of Europe.

It is true that, with so many kilometres to cover and so many countries to visit, it might seem difficult to choose a route to start with. The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) recommends beginning with the EuroVelo 6. This route, stretching from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, is among the best signposted and there are maps of it on the EuroVelo website which can be downloaded onto any device. The ECF claims that it’s the ideal choice for a first long-distance cycle tourism experience. 

Route 6 crosses 10 countries, starting in Nantes (France) and ending in Constanta (Romania) in nine stages. The route chiefly runs along asphalt roads with low levels of traffic. The first stage begins in Nantes and crosses the whole of France until it nears Strasbourg.

 In terms of signposting, the ECF, in partnership with the United Nations Commission for Europe, has published some recommendations for the route signs, which should bear the flag of the European Union with the number of the route in the centre.   

It should be borne in mind that the route signposting on the web page changes when viewed in the application. The following table indicates the changes to the signposting of each route on the application: 

Some cyclists prefer not to schedule their accommodation along the route and decide where to stop as they go, but if you would rather prepare everything beforehand, please note that the EuroVelo website (has a section with suggestions for planning route 6 in accordance with your needs. 

That’s everything you need! Now you just have to get on your bike and start pedalling!