Use you bike to go work!
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Use you bike to go work!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... the week goes by slowly and we go to work, make no mistake, it gets a bit uphill every day and we end up thinking "I need a vacation"

In large or small cities, in small towns, there are thousands of daily commutes to work. The peak hours, the traffic jams ... there are many factors that influence us when deciding how to get to our destination.

Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the use of the bicycle precisely to go to work. Electric or conventional, there are many points that incline us to use this vehicle to get to our place of work and, in order to provide greater comfort when riding with the bike, from CODEX-U we provide safety and comfort for the user. But this is not all, with the use of the bicycle we are part of a gear that struggles to preserve the environment and collaborate with sustainable actions.

We live day to day with stress, thinking about work and getting involved in social networks. We have to pamper ourselves and think of a global benefit. The first grain of sand is to bet on both wheels and with the luggage rack of the moment, CODEX-U: use it to transport your belongings, to park your bike safely and above all, to be up to date with the news that will arrive soon, because , there seemed few benefits of CODEX-U, the new model will be one step further for the comfort and safety of the user.

We care about road safety, safety at the time of having to park the bike and our belongings. When we go to work, there are many hours when the bike is parked on the street or in a bike park and that, sometimes can create insecurity, but ... stop worrying! Well with the new model of the CODEX-U rack we will have built-in bluetooth and GPS to be able to control our bike: where it is parked and even give it to a friend or companion who needs it.

Our luggage lock will be linked to an application that will allow you to have your bike geolocated at all times.

You, cyclist, the best option for your security is CODEX-U.

From CODEX-U we recommend the URBAN model to circulate around the city center and go to work. It is designed to be your ideal companion in the city. It facilitates the transport of the load and your padlock, in an invisible and safe way.