Cycling and fashion, a perfect combination
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Cycling and fashion, a perfect combination

Do you practice cycling but like to dress to the last detail? In this blog post we visit the main Spanish shops for those who want to pedal fashionably. In short, to do sport without losing the glamour and elegance.

The world of fashion is present in many areas of life and, of course, cycling is no exception. There are many users who do not give up wearing a good outfit every time they take their bicycles. If you\'re one of these, the ones who can\'t afford to buy the latest trends, you\'ll love this post, while visiting 3 great establishments. Follow us! 

The Service Course (Girona)

Run by retired professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife, Amber, this establishment is located in the heart of Girona\'s old town. With a perspective and with the experience of his years at the highest level of the world\'s sport, The Service Course is everything Meier has experienced in the best cycling teams in the world. Along with their passion for small details and an emphasis on luxury, Christian and Amber are ready to offer you a world-class cycling experience. Consult their entire offer at

Retrocycle (Madrid)

In the capital of Spain we find Retrocycle, a shop offering bicycles, components, equipment, street clothes and an outlet area... everything! Its materials are of the highest quality and the latest brands. You can consult their website ( and you will get lost in the great amount of genre they have available.

Cycling and gastronomy: La Fábrica (Girona)

Located in the heart of Girona\'s historic centre, the \'Barri Vell\', we find this café-bar, also designed and created by Christian Meyer. They offer a very varied and healthy menu designed for breakfasts and, especially, for cyclists. The ambience is decorated with cycling motifs and they also offer their own line of quality clothing. You can find and buy it at The Service Course\'s physical and online store. Also available are the Mafia Express jerseys, another coffee of similar characteristics and the same owners.