Ecobike Trafik Pro 28” Urban Electric Bicycle

Trafik PRO is a version equipped with an LCD screen for more demanding users, which provides a much wider range of electrical support configurations and a lot of useful information. There is a USB port to charge your smartphone or other devices.

Features: 28', 10-16Ah, 250W, 21.9Kg

Bateria (A/h)

The new model is, above all, completely redesigned, with a lower frame that improves comfort when getting on and off the bike. The men's variant is also a novelty, which will provide the user with a unique style on the bike lanes of the city.

Trafik is based on proven technology that users have appreciated for many years.

The bike is powered by the Bafang 250W unit, which we have used for years, located in the rear hub, supported by a rack-based battery. You can choose the 10.4 / 13/16 AH variant. An interesting fact is the new Smart BMS technology that is used in the batteries, giving an even better performance and allowing you to pedal without problems for longer.

In addition, the bike will meet the expectations of comfort and safety. Trafik is therefore equipped with complete lighting and powered by the main battery, Shimano Altus gears, Suntour CR8V suspension fork, adjustable stem, bolts and a comfortable Selle Royal® saddle.

Clean your city of exhaust fumes and decorate it with Ecobike Trafik.

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Motor Power: 250W
Weight: 23.5Kg
Maximum distance: 160km
Capacity: 280-576Wh
Range (km) 35-160 km
Capacity (Ah) 7.8-16 Ah
Voltage 36V
Type Li-NCM
Charging time 4-8h
Nominal Power 250W
Maximum power 320W
Mount Rear wheel
Speed 25 km / h
Voltage 36V
Weight 23.5 kg (aluminum)
Display LED, support 3 modes driving
Throttle Yes, 6 km / h
Maximum load 125 kg
Wheel 28 ”reinforced rims and stainless steel spokes
Frame 19 ”aluminum
Tire IMPAC STREETPAC TwinSkin 47-622
Shifters Shimano ALTUS, 7-drive
Suspension SunTour CR8V
Brakes V-Brake PROMAX

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